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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Back In Arizona

Travel by air is such an incredibly horrible experience these days—packed in sardine cans along with 150 other fish and you have the breeding ground for tons of germs just looking for a host!  Michael was ill within two days of our arrival in Montana and is just now starting to feel better.  I avoided the airplane germs but couldn’t resist hugging/smooching Lora Elizabeth—well, you know what they say about kids—“germ factories” and Lora donated some of her germs leaving me with the worst head cold.

Lonn, Katie, Laci and Lora Elizabeth came over to our house Tuesday just after noon to retrieve us.   After getting the house all buttoned up we headed over to their house to spend the afternoon.  Braving the snowy/icy roads, Lonn had us at the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight—which due to the weather turned into a long wait.  We were to have departed at 7:37pm but it was after 9pm before we taxied down the runway landing us in Mesa just after 11pm.  We grabbed a quick McDonalds and headed out across the desert with me driving—it was a loooong trip home—we were in our driveway right at 2am—ugh!—and asleep shortly therafter. 

We enjoyed some computer time this morning—we both suffered withdrawal while in Montana—we were missing our DSL!  Took a short walk with Emmi not getting too far from my chair after that.  Donna so kindly made us lunch which Barry delivered through the door wearing a gas mask (not really, but I bet he was thinking about it! Smile)  It was delicious Donna!

IMG_4104IMG_4105It is good to be back—the temps are on the cool side but the sun is shining and the ground is not white!


  1. Glad you are both (all three) are back and hope at full speed soon!😀

  2. Welcome back and get rid of those friendly germs. Happy New Year.

  3. Let the FUN begin! Wishing you three a Happy New Year and all the best!

  4. Sucks to fly with a head cold! Glad you're all back in the sunny desert where all those germs can bleach away :-)

  5. So how does Emmi travel with you? Is she allowed inside the plane with you in a crate? Or does she have to go with the luggage?


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