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Friday, December 4, 2015

More Crested Saguaros and New Scenery

Out near Stanton, an old mining town, is a cluster of crested saguaros, perhaps the largest concentration in the world we’ve been told.  The ATV gang set off to see if we could find the beauties Thursday afternoon.  We didn’t find all of them but we did spot about five I think—getting up close and personal to one of them!

IMG_1338 (1)IMG_1340 (1)

IMG_1345Geri took all the above photos as I left my camera at home—I’ve not got the from the house loading routine down pat yet—loading the ATV from the motorhome was habit and rarely did we forget anything, the house is a different matter!

Today we left North Ranch at the early hour of 8am heading out Vulture Peak Mine Road to the Belmont Mountains—it’s quite the caravan to get all of us and our rigs gathered in one place!

IMG_3861IMG_3862-001And then there is the style show:

IMG_3865It was another chilly morning and somehow Geri ended up attired in Larry’s rain gear pants.

Beautiful scenery, lots of old mining operations, saguaros and red rocks with arches and openings.



IMG_3891That’s our Nancy!IMG_3893

IMG_3894Can you spot the pig, aka a javelina??

IMG_3897IMG_3901Another great day out in the desert with good friends!  Tonight we are anticipating the arrival of our Coos Bay, Oregon friends—Ainslie and Beryl. 


  1. Good grief! I started out admiring your crested cacti... then got to looking at all the apparatus y'all use to haul your toys around... got totally mindboggled by the trailer etc... hell,.... our son-in-law (where we're staying right now)... uses that kind of stuff for his business which haul the BIG stuff around for gas/oil jobs. What the heck do you guys do out there anyway?

  2. I know that crested saguaro! There are several in that area, but the granddaddy of them all is magnificent:)

  3. Amazing crested -they're so majestic looking! Looks like a lot of work getting all those toys out to the trails, but so much fun when you get there :-) Love the tiny pig in the rocks.

  4. Beautiful photos. And getting all the folks out with all of those toys seems perfect for the nice weather. I especially like the crested saguaros.

  5. Those are some great Crested Saguaro photos you got there.


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