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Monday, December 21, 2015

Great ATV Ride

Do you ever just go ahead and plan something fun although you know you have way too much to do?  Such was my case Saturday—by the time you read this blog we will be back in Montana for the Christmas holiday—we had lots to do in preparation for our Montana trip but chose to join the gang for an ATV ride on Saturday—and a great one it was!  Update—I had pre-scheduled this blog to post for Sunday evening and we headed to the Mesa Gateway airport where Allegiant Air and the Bozeman weather put a hitch in our plans!  Our flight was canceled and we are tucked into a gorgeous, new Courtyard Marriott near the airport—going to try again in the morning.  Such is travel this time of year! Sad smile

We trailered the ATVs to a OHV staging area off Highway 74 near Lake Pleasant—huge staging area and camping is allowed.  Any size RV (even ours) would fit if you can tolerate the dust and noise—it was a weekend day so the area was probably busier than it would be during the week.  There are miles and miles of trails for dirt bikes, ATVs and jeeps.  The riding was challenging at times!

IMG_4067IMG_4068This is Tom and Sandy coming up one particularly steep/rutted spot.

We rode in the washes and across the ridges with beautiful views—we could even see Lake Pleasant at a distance.



Last year Geri and Larry introduced us to “muffler cooking.”  Wrap food in aluminum foil and place it on the muffler—by lunch time you have a toasted sandwich or a warm hot dog, etc.  Today I made a little aluminum foil trail for some of the tasty leftovers left from Friday night—what a treat to have a warm lunch on a chilly day!!

IMG_4077-001Brisket, calico beans, wild rice/sausage and tater/tot casserole. 



We will be in Montana for several days—Christmas is coming!

I’ve finally resolved my Live Writer issues but am still not convinced I will continue with this program.  When life settles again after the holidays I am going to explore Word Press a little more.


  1. It is tough to miss the fun no matter how much you have to do:) Hope your flight left this morning. Have a wonderful Christmas back in Montana:)

  2. Merry Christmas Janna and Mike, hope your travels have you back in Montana safe and sound. Looks like a fun and beautiful trail, although sharing it with lots of others is never ideal. Your hot lunch looks scrumptious!!

  3. I love that innovative way to heat up dinner... what fun! Hope your flight goes soon and you're back with family for the holidays!

  4. Loved the dinner, it looked yummy! Lots of snow in the upper West, stay safe and warm, but of course you are from Montana so it's nothing, right?

  5. How nice to be home, in Montana for Christmas.


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