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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lighted Christmas Parade

After our Wednesday ride to Black Canyon and arriving back at North Ranch in the dark--we all needed some recovery time!  

Thursday was yoga morning for me--we continue to have a big group in the class, 15-16 people for each session.  Fifteen to sixteen enthusiastic, eager participants!

After yoga the cowboy and I headed to Wickenburg and indulged in some Mexican food before running errands.  At just after 3pm when coming out of Safeway, I remembered the 1:45pm appointment I had at the Congress Clinic--dang it!!!  Back in Congress I called the clinic and was glad to hear them say, "oh, just come on over, we can still get you in."  
Friday morning saw me heading to the Congress Clinic again for a fasting blood draw--I continue to be impressed with that little clinic staffed by two nurse practitioners.  My blood was drawn at 9am and by 2pm, Matt, one of the nurse practitioners was calling me with the results!

Whew, who turned off our heat???  Friday morning dawned cloudy and chilly--it stayed that way all day and the forecast is for more of the same for another week or so.  

Friday evening the ATV gang gathered at the Bar7 for dinner before the Wickenburg lighted Christmas parade.  After dinner we found a spot to watch the parade--or so we thought--the organization of that parade could use some help!  The parade has been happening every year for a long time but last night it seemed as if it was a first time happening--confusing and dangerous!
But--it was still a beautiful parade and little downtown Wickenburg was hopping!!

The last two photos show the Congress Volunteer Fire Department float--it was massive--first the fire engine, then three other lighted floats pulled behind the engine--notice the lighted helicopter--the helicopter pad is located right beside the fire department building in Congress.

Saturday was a very chilly and windy day--we had another adventure--more on that one in the next blog!


  1. What a fabulous parade for a small town! The floats were great with a ton of lights. Love that cowboy hat:) Boy, the weather certainly has changed...brrr!!

  2. We really enjoy lighted parades ashore or on the water:)

  3. The hat is my favorite! Sounds like the fun continues for all of you.

  4. Love small(er) town parades - that one looks so bright! This cold and wet weather is really something :-(


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