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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Five Generations

Friday Michael spent the day working on the motorhome dash heater/air conditioner controls—when I went out to see how the project was going he had the entire dash exposed—YIKES!  But the handy guy came through again and we now have levers which work!

Laci and little Lora Elizabeth came to visit for the weekend and last night we all gathered at Nat’s in town for dinner catered by me Smile and to take some five generation photos.  It isn’t often families have five generations alive at one time.  This is the second time in my families we’ve had five generations living.  I was fortunate to have my paternal grandparents alive into my adulthood. My maternal grandmother was 93 years old when she died and was still aware and cognizant of her surroundings and people.  If I remember correctly she died in 2003.  While Grandma was still alive, my niece Niki, Grandma’s great-grandchild had a daughter, Elizabeth—with our Mom and Niki’s mom alive--five generations. 


IMG_1942Lora Elizabeth wasn’t a very happy child yesterday but at least she made it through the photos before having a melt down. 

I finished a quilt for my friend Jeane today and Michael hauled firewood—we may need a lot of firewood—every time I look at the weather report our high temp for Tuesday goes down a few degrees, I think it’s now at about 4 degrees—for a HIGH!!!  That Pacific storm which knocked out Rick and Paulette’s power is a wicked one I think!!

Tonight we drove over to Livingston and had a delicious meal with Sarge and Sarah at the Rib and Chop House.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen them and it was fun to catch up.  Sarah became a first time grandmother in September. 


  1. Great to see 5 generations all together! Would you please explain who came from whom in the 5 generations?

    1. Nat, seated, is the father of my husband Michael/the cowboy, Michael is the father of Lonn, the other man standing. Lonn is the father of Laci seated and Lora Elizabeth is her new baby. Nat is 92 years old, lives alone, drives and makes his own decisions. He is a veteran of World War II. We are very blessed to still have him in our lives.

    2. Have been able to get four generations together, but never five. None of our six boys have kids yet (Grammy is a spy 90 years old) so we'll see :-) We have been looking forward to cooler temps but 4 degrees might be a bit more of a dip than we want!

  2. Great picture of the 5 Generations, just precious!

  3. What a nice (and most important) five generational photo. Beautiful baby girl too!

  4. So great to see pics of Nat again... and what great treasures in such lovely photos!

  5. Love the family photo! How nice to have five generations:)

    You need A LOT of firewood!! They were just mentioning the snow in the Big Timber area on the news...brrrr!!! Stay warm!!

  6. It looks like cold up there this week. Should be lots of elk on the highways at night. Be safe. :)

  7. Now put their hand in a circle and take a picture of the group of hands. That is a nice memento also.

  8. 5 generations! WOW. Most people in my family don't make it that far. Nice pictures.

  9. It's great to have a 5 generation photo and those are beauties! I'm very lucky to also have a 5 generation photo of our family as my grandmother lived to the happy old age of 104!

    Lora Elizabeth is a real cutie!


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