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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yoga And The Motorhome Takes A Trip

As Michael and the motorhome were starting out this morning, the cowboy said, “wouldn’t it be great to be leaving right now?”  Yes, it would—dry roads, moderate temps—we could have even put water in the rig!!  But we aren’t ready, we want to spend Thanksgiving here at home.  It won’t be long, we can be a little patient!

In our last trip out with the motorhome we got a big rock chip in the windshield which decided to become a big crack right across Michael’s line of vision.  Amazingly enough there is a glass repair shop capable of handling that big a windshield located right here in our little town of Big Timber, MT!  So, the big ole motorhome rolled down the driveway and was back in its own driveway mid-afternoon with a shiny new windshield on the driver side.

We have been so fortunate here in our little neighborhood to have a wealth of yoga instructors.  Now remember, we live 22 miles from anything—no grocery store, no gas station, nothing except the post office, a one room school house (still in operation) and a bar.  But we have yoga teachers! Smile 

Julia, our dear present instructor along with her husband Rich recently purchased a beautiful new to them home north of Big Timber on property along the Yellowstone River.  While we were sad to have them leave our neighborhood, we were also so happy for them—their home near us was tiny, very tiny and they have two teenage sons!! 

So, one day a week Julia drives up the Boulder and we have yoga at Nancy’s.  The other yoga day we students drive to Big Timber and have yoga in Julia’s beautiful new home with its to die for mountain views.

While in town for yoga I made a stop at Nat’s to change his dressings and give him an iPad lesson.  Nat had three MOHS procedures on Monday—I think he is soon going to earn the prize for the most MOHS procedures ever done on a human!!  He is LOVING the iPad and is really enjoying the Kindle app plus he is figuring out lots of other internet stuff.  We are so glad he has decided to embrace the computer age at his ripe old age of 92!!

I also enjoyed lunch with my friend Jill—we had a great time catching up on all the news and missed having our friend Jeane join us, she had a commitment in Bozeman.

On the way up the Boulder I will frequently call Michael and say, “I’m on my way home, do you need anything?”—once again, remember it is 22 miles to “anything!”  Today I did this, he said no and I continued on toward home—when I reached our driveway I remembered Joe and Tammy were here for the weekend at our former home—figuring Joe would be out fishing I stopped in to see Tammy.  We were chatting away when I saw Michael’s pickup coming down the driveway and said to Tammy—“Oh, no!!  he thinks I’ve had car trouble.”  Yep, the cowboy was coming to look for me—I had had time to get home but seeing my car at Tammy’s he knew I was safe.  Tammy said, “he really does that, wow, I’m impressed.”  Yes, my cowboy cares greatly for me and I am truly blessed to have him! 

IMG_1934Driving up the Boulder—a view I never tire of.


  1. How sweet:) It is wonderful to have such a special husband. I have one, too:)

  2. I have one too....and he actually did check up on me once and my friends were so amazed!

  3. Your cowboy loves you, like my blacksmith loves me. I've been sick for a week, one night I tip toed out of bed and went down stairs to let at least him get some sleep. He got up a short time later and told me I could come back up.
    The next morning he said I just couldn't sleep without you in bed.

    We are lucky quilters!

  4. Your little "town" sounds sweet. We went 90 miles for groceries and 50 miles to school when I lived in the desert. I remember relatives telling my dad they just couldn't do it - but I thought it was normal :-) Of course we didn't have the challenges of a Montana winter either. You'll be so glad you stayed for Thanksgiving, and then very ready to see the Southwest! I have to get back in a yoga class! Don't you just hate it when you make him worry? I'm also lucky to have a good one :-)

  5. It's great to hear that Nat is enjoying his new iPad and interested in learning more about how many things it can do. Good for him - and for Michael too for being a good husband.

  6. It sure seems that life on the Boulder is pretty darned good. How nice that is!

    The new windshield will make a difference while driving the coach, no doubt.

  7. That is so sweet! It feels so good to know that our husbands are looking out for us. :-) How lucky you are to have your yoga teachers so close by! I have to say I still miss my regular yoga classes and teachers after a year and a half of traveling full-time.


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