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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

I consider myself very lucky at the age of almost 60 to still have my Mother living and in decently good health!  This last summer after her accident was a tough one but Mom is also tough and she has bounced back from her total shoulder replacement with flying colors.  The rest of her injuries have also healed and we are looking forward to spending Christmas with Mom and the rest of the family.  Happy Birthday Mom!!

Mom and Me

Wow, this afternoon I loaded the last of my customer quilts!!  The gigantic one for Jane is finished as of early afternoon—Jane and I decided to use a pantograph (a quilting pattern I can trace with a laser light) and the quilt turned out beautifully!!   Who knows, I just might get to quilt some of my own stuff now that I’m almost finished with customer quilts!

Michael spent some time working in the cargo trailer today, he installed an inverter and did some more puttering.  Sarge and Sarah came over this afternoon to check out our truck camper—they have toyed with the idea of purchasing one and wanted to see just exactly how small these things really are.  Sarah is a retired veterinarian and gave me some good advice about the lesions Emmi has on her back—I thought they were “hot spots” but in this cold weather my diagnosis seemed kind of unlikely!  Sarah thinks the lesions are probably infected hair follicles and recommended a different shampoo. 

IMG_2118Emmi loves for us to kick snowballs at her then she attacks!


Life is good!


  1. It is a blessing to be celebrating you mom's birthday. Nice photo of you two. And the outdoor photos look very nice too.

  2. Two goodlooking ladies! Looks like two peas in a pod!!!! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to your mom. Still looks COLD where you are.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom! That's a great picture of you both - very, very young looking!

  5. You two could be sisters! Happy Birthday to your Mom and have a wonderful time with her!

  6. Such a blessing. Happy Birthday Mom! Funny how dogs can find joy in the every day things - I love it :-) Would love to see your new quilts - hope you can get them finished before you launch.

  7. What a sweet photo of you and your mom -- you both look terrific!


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