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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lost Photos Found, New MiFi, Black Friday Shopping and a Blizzard

At 9am this morning it was 33 degrees.  By noon it was 16 degrees and it had started to snow.  By 4pm we had ten inches of snow!!!  As I write this blog it is four degrees above zero—time for this group to hit the road I would say!!  The air was just frigid when we went for our walk and the clouds/fog were rolling in over the mountains.


That isn’t rain you see in this video, that’s how hard it was snowing!

Remember I had lost some Thanksgiving photos from my camera card after setting the date and time in the new replacement camera?  Michael found a free software download called Canon Photo Recovery.  I sent Rick an email asking if he was familiar with this software.  He quickly replied saying he had checked it out, the software looked OK and Rick also gave me a link to another recovery program if the Canon software didn’t work. 

The Canon program worked and was very simple to use, I could see my photos but in order to actually get my hands/clicker on the photos I was directed to a page asking for $39!  The photos I lost were good but not $39 worth of good!!  So I tried Rick’s software—PC File Inspector—and instant success, my photos were retrieved—it’s kind of strange that the photos are lurking there in the background of the camera card don’t you think!! 

_MG_0002Thanksgiving Day photos

_MG_0005-001Katie, Lora, and Lonn_MG_0007-001Laci and John


_MG_0009-001Katie and Michael

Can you believe we went Black Friday shopping???  Two people who abhor crowds???  Well, it wasn’t by choice let me tell you but the experience wasn’t as traumatic as we expected!  When we went to Billings about a week ago, one of the main reasons was to purchase a mifi device from Verizon.  We had done our research and wanted a Novatel 6620.  The young man, Alex, who helped us had also sold us our iPhone and was very pleasant—but, he sold us the wrong mifi. 

We arrived home late that Friday, had things to do on the weekend and on Monday Michael saw an email from Verizon which said, “let’s get you started with your new Pantech MHS291.”  WHAT??  Michael gets the mifi box out of the bag and sure enough—it’s the wrong one.  So, the store orders us a new one and we had to go back to Billings—Alex took a whole lot of ribbing over this one.

But, it turned out to be a great, great day!  We got the correct mifi device, it works, our friends Jill and Terry just happened to text us saying they were in Billings too—we met for lunch and had an awesome time.  We scooted to Costco where Santa/the cowboy purchased a Christmas present for his wife.  We didn’t have to wait in line to check out at Costco or the Wal Mart in Laurel—amazing!! 

Back to Big Timber we retrieved Emmi and visited with Nat who was very glad he got to babysit the Emmi girl for the day. 

Today we have packed, packed and packed some more.  The heat is on in the motorhome and the cowboy is going to plow snow tomorrow for sure! 


  1. Good thing the crowds were not too thick. I dislike shopping in crowded stores. Looks like you are leaving shortly. Lucky people. Have fun.

  2. Glad you were able to retrieve your photos for free:) Beautiful granddaughters and great grand baby:)

    Yes, I would say it is time to get out of there quickly!!!

    Our daughter went out Friday late morning in her area and said it wasn't crowded at all, just like a regular day.

  3. So glad you were able to retrieve those very special photos. Me thinks it is definitely time to get out of that cold! How nice of Alex to set up that lunch with Jill and Terry, although he probably didn't arrange for no line at Costco ;-)

    Be safe when you get those wheels rolling. We have a storm coming through this week, likely to hit AZ Wednesday or Thursday (of course "storm" is relative for the hardy of Montana!).

  4. A photo recovery program that returned your lost photos is pretty neat. Glad it worked.

    We chose the Ellipsis Jet Pak for our snow birding Verizon MiFi. We are thrilled with the result. It has worked well, every where we have been. We have been able to Face Time with no problem....and that was critically important to us.

  5. Sure glad you were able to recover those beautiful photos of your family - they're keepers for sure. Now you know how so many politicians (and murderers) get in trouble after they delete incriminating emails and photos thinking they're gone forever - NOT!!

    Looks and sounds like we got off lucky here on the Island with our light dusting of snow - time to head that MH south!

  6. Here in AJ Friday morning at Walmart was actually slower than a normal Walmart day. It was wonderful. Definitely time to get out of there. Those wind chill figures up that way are waaay too cold.

  7. Arizona is politely waiting on you!!


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