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Monday, November 17, 2014

SUCCESS, Quilts and Warmer Temps

We are having a heat wave—our temperature today was over freezing—first time in over a week!!  Of course we had to have some wind to cause the rise in temps! Sad smile

Remember the blog I wrote about being scammed by someone claiming to represent Mother Earth News?  I was successful in obtaining a refund for one of the checks I wrote these idiots but had not ever received the second check.  I got the “the check was written on Sept. 29 and it takes 4-6 weeks for you to get it” routine—really, really, the USPS may be slow but they aren’t that slow!  So I involved the Oregon Department of Justice again where this deadbeat company does business.  An employee of the the Dept. of Justice got a touch cranky with these nuts and look what I got today:


I finished a quilt yesterday evening and its owner came by to retrieve the quilt which is a gift for an expected great-grandchild.

IMG_2111IMG_2114I’ve also had some company in the quilt studio.  Several of the ladies in our yoga group want to make a Christmas tree rag quilt and with Shirley’s help, we are getting it done.  Max and Nancy came yesterday to start cutting squares—we had a very enjoyable afternoon.  Shirley kept them on the straight and narrow while I used the longarm to finish her quilt. 


I loaded a quilt for my friend Jane this morning and finished it this afternoon while Max cut some more squares.  Now I have a HUGE one to do for Ms. Jane—it measures 97x97 inches!!  I’ve been having a hard time with my longarm—it’s been stiffer and stiffer to move.  My mechanic, aka the cowboy, took a look at the machine yesterday and thought the acrylic ruler base was the culprit.  It did not fit my machine correctly causing it to put too much upward pressure against the quilt top and leveler bar.  I do a lot of quilting with rulers and the base is necessary for resting/guiding the ruler as I move the machine.   So, he created me a new one!!!  I am constantly amazed at the man’s handiness!!  Quilting this afternoon was much easier on my arms and shoulders as I wasn’t having to force the machines’ movement. 

IMG_2116old, square, boxy one

IMG_2115new, round, aerodynamic! 

Michael retrieved the cargo trailer today and began the loading process.  He even hauled some stuff out to the motorhome for me, too!!  Granddaughters and I have Thanksgiving plans in place—life is good!



  1. I love that bunny cute!! And that new base is brilliant!! That cowboy should get a patent!

  2. Nothing better than a handy man!!

    I remember the bunny quilts from one of your retreats. Very cute!

  3. Always nice to have the money back, and even better to be done with it! Glad to hear you're getting warmer temps (we're still under red flag conditions today with high winds and low humidity), and that the quilter brigade is keeping you company! Bet that cowboy modification will get that huge piece done in record time :-)

  4. Congrats on getting your refund! I'd have probably given up long ago!

  5. Don't know if I'm as handy as Mike, but I did change a light bulb today. :)


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