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Monday, November 24, 2014

Entertaining The Dog

We seem to do that a lot!  Walk the dog, play ball with the dog, pull on the duck for the dog—don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine life without Ms. Emmi but she does seem to require a lot of our attention.  So, the cowboy decided to rig her highness a bungee ball—it didn’t take Emmi long to figure out how to catch that ball!

When Emmi was just a tiny puppy we met our friends Jim and Ellie plus Mark and Dortha at Glacier National Park here in Montana.  Ellie and Dortha gifted Emmi with a little bling collar and a stuffed duck.  That was the first of many ducks purchased for Emmi—over five years later it is still Emmi’s favorite toy.  On Friday while in Billings I purchased yet another duck at Wal Mart intending to make it Emmi’s Christmas present.  Emmi was with us and saw the duck sticking out of a bag Michael placed in the car.  Once home he put that bag downstairs as it was all stuff which needed to go to the motorhome.  Emmi sat and stared at the bag so he moved the bag to our pantry/storage room.  The next morning on her way downstairs and outside to do her business Emmi pushed the door of the pantry open and sat staring up at the bag containing the duck.  The cowboy caved and gave her the duck!

Emmi and her Duck_1Emmi with her first duck in what I think is Jim and Ellie’s motorhome.  Emmi had many bad hair days as a puppy!!IMG_2136Present day duck.

OK, enough about our favored child!  Michael spent the day puttering, getting stuff ready for our departure, we’ve turned the heat on in the motorhome so we can start loading stuff which would be in danger of freezing otherwise.  I spent the day doing routine chores—laundry, bathroom cleaning—and quilting.  I loaded and finished a quilt for myself—one I made at quilt retreat and I used minky as the backing.  Photo to come—the quilt is still on the zippers, I had stood at the machine too long today making my back and shoulders ache.

And that’s about it for our day.


  1. Funny story about Emmi and her duck toys.

    Sounds like you three will be hitting the road soon enough. Good luck with the packing process.

  2. That should keep Emmi entertained for awhile. I guess it won't be long before that big motorhome will be on it's way to warmer climates. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a good and warm winter.

  3. Great video! Maybe a duck hanging form the rope next!?

    Gee. those ducks are as big as Emmi! Guess she has you wrapped around her paw:)

  4. Oh, Emmi! Will Dad be bringing the bungee ball in the motorhome for you???? Don't worry, we have a duck here too, you can share! Oh, that's right, you don't share ducks. You'd better bring a duck or two with you when you come visit us. See you soon. Love, Jazz and Bo Jangles

  5. Rylie just loves her toys too. We spend a lot of time from morning to bedtime tossing those things for her to chase. It's amazing how they never seem to tire of doing it.

    I guess you'll be heading south after Thanksgiving - pretty exciting!

  6. I had to laugh at the title, thinking you must have been watching us! Love that she knew that bag had HER duck in it, they are just too smart. Exciting to be loading up and making final preps. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Emmi is so smart and adorable! So now that she has her duck, what are you going to get her for Christmas? :-)


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