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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Coming and Going

It seems as if I haven’t written a blog in a long time but I only skipped two days.  Our days have been busy—Thursday it was yoga in town and after yoga some of the yoga ladies and I went to the quilt shop in town to chose fabrics for making a “rag” quilt.  After our shopping Nancy, Max and I enjoyed lunch at the Timber Bar.

It is still bitterly cold—since Monday we have had two days with temps in the teens, the rest of the days have been single digits with below zero temps each night!  It’s rare we have this long a stretch with temps this cold—it’s making us long for our departure date!

The cowboy has a new toy—a ten feet wide snowplow blade.  He built a bracket to attach the blade to the skidsteer.  He can make one pass down our driveway now and it is plowed.  He was out there today plowing all the new snow which accumulated yesterday and last night.




I’ve been quilting like a mad woman and have finished three quilts for customers.  I loaded another one this afternoon and did some of the stitching in the ditch.  With our departure date approaching rapidly I’ve set myself a goal of finishing all my customer quilts this coming week. 

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Big Timber has a yearly fundraising event, an Italian dinner.  We’ve never gone but this year I decided it would be fun and it was.  The food was outstanding—something you would be served in a fancy Italian restaurant.  The wines were good and the dessert was to die for!  I borrowed these photos from our friend Gladys’ Facebook page:

Italian dinner

Italian dinner2Italian dinner3The decorations were perfect too—a very enjoyable evening—that’s the dessert in the green cup—some kind of light, lemon confection!


20141110_092632And here’s Lora Elizabeth, she is three months old now. 

Life is good.


  1. It just seems too early to me for all those cold temps and snow, but then I've never lived in Montana. ;)

  2. As always, I think those pictures of the area are amazing. Just so glad to see it from afar:)

  3. Your beautiful snow pictures are Christmas Card Perfect!!

  4. Love the plow...but you shouldn't be talking about that unless it plows sand:) You have certainly had it tough up there this fall. Hope the snow and deep chill move out soon:)

    See, the snow and cold came because they knew you needed to get those quilts finished. Mother Nature helping you out:)

    Gorgeous great granddaughter!! You are blessed!

  5. Good indeed :-) Love the snowy pictures, just beautiful. Way too cold of course, but still so lovely. And with a plow like that you can have "no snow" in just minutes when you need to exit! Hope there's a nice thaw for your departure, and that all the quilts get done on time.

  6. Cute pic of Lora Elizabeth. I really like the photo just above hers - it's like a winter postcard!

  7. Oh my.. .a big boy with a new toy!!!! how delightful!


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