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Monday, May 4, 2009

Wasn't Meant To Be

Michael and I have been married almost 15 years and our entire life together has just been right. Things fall in place and when they don't we start to worry. For instance, we met on August 13, 1994 and got married on October 16, 1994 (that's two months, two months!!) But it was meant to be--I had owned a home in Powell, WY for about a year, was told that I would lose money if I tried to sell--my house never even made a realtor's listing, I sold it myself in one day. The job I had for eleven years working for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation just fell in my lap--it was a perfect nursing job for where I lived in rural Montana. Those are just two examples--we have learned to trust our instincts and this motorhome wasn't to be. It would have been nice if the instincts had kicked in before we drove 1200 miles and spent $140 on a crummy motel room that as I said last night was located on the freeway shoulder!

Over a week ago we started this process, we had looked at the motorhome located at a repair shop in Ellensburg, WA on our way back from delivering the 5th wheel to Seattle. The people owning the motorhome lived in Moses Lake, about 100 miles from Ellensburg. Last Sunday or Monday, I called the owners, offered a price, it was accepted and we arranged to pick up the motorhome today, Monday, at 8am so we could drive all the way back to Montana in one day. This past Friday, almost a week later, I called the owner to confirm that we were still on track for pickup today, Monday. Red Flag Number One---they had not gone to get the motorhome, it was still in Ellensburg but they would go get it Saturday or Sunday. In hindsight we should have said OK, call us when you have it at your house and we will come then. OK, off to Moses Lake, arrived yesterday evening, crummy motel, Jazzy throws up in the motel room and I can't reach the owner by phone---Red Flag Number Two. At 8:30pm last night she finally calls and claims the repair shop would not let them pick up the motorhome on Sunday and that they will go and get it early Monday morning and we can pick it up around 9:30. Now remember, the motorhome was filthy and filled with their things. All this was really the last straw and Red Flag Number Three because I had called the repair shop in Ellensburg and was told that the owners had made arrangements to pick up the motorhome after hours on Sunday. After a sleepless night, we woke this morning with our instincts on red alert, called the owners and said, "sorry, we are out of here."

Anyone know where we can locate a good, used motorhome??


  1. Anyone know where I can get some of your good common sense instincts:))

  2. Sorry it didn't work out...With these same instincts, you guys will find the perfect motorhome for you...We'll be on the lookout and let you know if we see anything decent...Hugs..Jim & Ellie


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