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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Motorhome

It was so good to get home yesterday! Last Wednesday we met the owner of the Beaver Motorhome around 9am and got the grand tour. The motorhome is a 1988 Beaver diesel pusher with 66,000 miles on it. The outside paint is in great shape and the inside is also with the exception of the carpet--no surprise there. When we started looking at the motorhome on eBay, I kept asking myself if I could live with pink/mauve--pink carpet, pink shades, pink valances. Well, it turned out not as obtrusive as I was afraid it was going to be. We plan on ripping out most of the carpet and installing tile or wood floors. The couch, dining banquet and leather chairs are all leaving, too, so the amount of pink will decrease. The motorhome is filthy--again, I just can't understand why people who are trying to sell something don't make an effort to clean the item before trying to sell!! We had the deal completed and were driving out of the sellers driveway around 2pm on Wednesday. Michael drove the motorhome and I drove the Explorer as he wasn't successful in getting it ready to tow.

We drove until about 8pm Wednesday night making it to Hettinger, North Dakota then completed the trip yesterday on Thursday with a stop in Billings for groceries. We arrived home about 4pm, showered and headed back down the driveway to the home of our neighbors, George and Shirley. They were giving themselves a going away party as they will be gone most of the summer. Friends and neighbors made up the guests and we had a delightful evening.

Today I sprayed weeds, two mule (Kawasaki mule) tankfuls and two back pack sprayer tankfuls. Michael took one of the mini-excavators up into the neighbor's hayfield and cleaned our irrigation ditch--there is a crossing culvert that plugs up a few times every year causing the ditch to overflow and he wanted to get that cleaned out so we don't have that problem.

The new motorhome
The living area, I love the wood valances on these windows. All the wood is walnut and is just gorgeous.

The kitchen area, see that pink valance over the entry door??
This afternoon we are going up the Boulder to a party at John and Peg's home for Denny and Ellen who will be leaving the area soon to go back to Seattle and live in our former 5th wheel for the summer. Our social calendar is just way to busy lately!


  1. Congratulations on the new rig! We hope you enjoy traveling in it for a long time to come!

    Can't wait to see it in July. Take care,

    Ellie & Jim

  2. Congratulations on the motorhome....way to go!!


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