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Monday, May 25, 2009


It rained a lot during the night and we have MUD and more MUD! So our walk consisted of going down the driveway where we disturbed the nesting Sandhill Crane--those birds sure make a lot of noise when agitated! Look at the size of this egg she was sitting on! I know the odds of our seeing the little guy when he comes out of the egg are slim but it sure would be cool!

Michael worked on the Explorer all morning getting it ready to pull behind a motorhome. We are off to South Dakota tomorrow to hopefully pick up a Beaver motorhome--used but looks to be in good shape. As it is 700 miles one way we sure hope we like it!!

I gave the Jazzy girl a bath, I had felt so sorry for her while she was ill but she needed a bath if she was going to ride with us all the way to South Dakota. After she dried I even trimmed her hair a little.

I packed a few things for our trip and then started a new bag project. I had made a quilt top at the quilting retreat for my hairdresser who is having a baby soon. When I was getting my hair cut the other day Becky mentioned that her Mom had made her the cutest quilt--out of Hungry Caterpillar fabric--guess what fabric my quilt was made from--yes, Hungry Caterpillar. So, that quilt will be for someone else and I made Becky a Nappy Bag from an Amy Butler pattern. I used a cheerful, summery print and it turned out great.

This guy flew up into a tree and startled all of us on our walk this morning. We think he is a Spruce Grouse or more commonly known as a Fool's Hen. They are very slow birds.

Depending on our internet options the next couple of days, blog posting may be spotty. We should be back by Thursday evening.

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