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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Phone Calls and a Massage

We periodically check our cellphone and home phone bills for ways to reduce costs. While in Texas this year, we purchased a Verizon aircard or rather the card was free and we got a two year contract. We knew the aircard would not work here at home, too many mountains between us and a tower. I attempted to put the aircard on vacation as we do our home phone in the winter months but doing that would only extend the 2 year contract for each month the card was vacationed--I could see us paying for an aircard when we are in the nursing home!

Well, here is where Verizon comes in, I got this great customer service rep-Shawn and he came up with a plan! We wanted to discontinue Michael's cellphone, he never uses it--Shawn said, "why don't we convert your aircard plan to a shared minutes phone." I had to ask him just exactly what did he mean several times before I understood. We pay $10 per month for Michael's phone because he shares my minutes. The aircard costs us $60 per month. Shawn was able to convert the aircard contract to a shared minutes plan--bye, bye $60 per month!! I was thrilled. When we travel, we simply call Verizon and convert the plan back to an aircard--Michael loses his phone then but we don't care, as I said, he never uses it. When we are in Montana, we convert the plan back to a phone. I hate calling companies such as Verizon but today it paid off and their customer service was the best!

Our view of the Crazy Mountains

This morning we received an e-mail from our friends Jim & Ellie. They travel full time in a big Tiffin motorhome with 2 Schnauzers. They had written to commiserate with us about not getting the motorhome and said they were parked in Sheridan, AR visiting friends, Karon and Dan. I couldn't believe it, that is where I grew up and my entire family lives there. I phoned and Ellie did some researching with Karon and another friend, Janice. We may figure out we know each other yet!
I fixed big ole salads for lunch then began to get ready to go to town, not that I wanted to get in a vehicle again after the last two days. My massage therapist is extremely busy, I called to schedule an appointment after we got home and the soonest I could get in was May 29!! But, yesterday they called and she had a cancellation, YEA!
My massage was wonderful and I got a couple errands ran. I picked up a brake part for Michael but it is still the wrong one, so no Volkswagen yet.
It was a beautiful day here, sunshine and around 65 degrees with some wind. This evening the wind kicked up and a rain storm blew in.

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  1. ainslie and berylMay 6, 2009 at 8:21 AM

    Some people ought to be shot. Invite them to Montana! I guess ears will be out for your next motorhome exploit.

    Beryl and I went out for our anniversary last night. Pleasant experience at a little restaurant over in charleston bay. Expensive, but there are no places to brag about in this general area.

    We had 50-60 mph winds yesterday, and it's rained 3.5 inches since monday. Sending it your way!

    Then new boat prop arrived yesterday. Now i can finish the job of cleaning and painting the outdrive, and getting ready for salt water. Hope we don't hit another deadhead. It's scary.

    The property and hills look pretty right now, all green with new leaves, and the rhodys are out in glory. We drove to Eugene Sunday to see friends and go see an Irish band. The hills are full of blooming dogwood.

    Good luck on the motorhome search. there seems to be a lot out there, and the time is right.

    ainslie and beryl


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