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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wind, Rain, Sleet and a VW

The wind did indeed howl all night long. It rained a lot although as hard as the wind was blowing, I am surprised any of the rain made it to the ground--we call it horizontal rain! Today the wind is still blowing, it has either rained, sleeted or snowed most of the day and it is very cold!

I quilted all day. Quilting a queen size quilt is a little more difficult than quilting the smaller lap size quilts. I worked and worked today and didn't seem to make much progress but I did learn to use a ruler with the machine so that was fun.

When we went to see our friends Beryl and Jim in the nursing home the other night, Beryl gave us a pleasant surprise. Beryl had a daughter, Charlotte who was killed when in her early twenties. Beryl has kept Charlotte's car all these years, a 1959 Volkswagen and asked us if we would like to have it. Of course we said yes! We went and pulled it home today--Beryl and Jim have a small place with a cabin on the river just up the road from us and the car was stored there. Of course the mice have been in it but the outside of the car is in great shape. It has two Mexico tourist stickers on it, Jim and Beryl pulled it behind their motorhome years ago. I can't wait for Michael to get it running--gets 35 miles per gallon!

Jazzy dog is sticking close to her bed with the heating pad--she hasn't been interested in being outside today at all.

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  1. Jazzy dog is a very smart dog....Hooray for your "new" car...Please post photo's....Hugs...Jim


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