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Monday, November 3, 2008

Computer Classes

Our friends George and Shirley were complaining about their lack of computer know how the other night. Shirley had attempted to download some software from her digital camera to the computer so she could remove photos from the camera memory stick with no success. I promised to bring her some easy to use software and help her learn how to use it. So, that is what I did this afternoon--she was a great pupil and had it down pat in no time. I also helped her clean up her computer hard drive, something she doesn't think has ever been done--should help it run faster! The two of them are off to Miles City, MT tomorrow to hunt antelope.

Michael ran into town after lunch and did some errands while I was giving computer lessons.

When I got back from Shirley and George's, I sat down to watch a video about using the long arm quilting machine to create "feathers" on quilts. Maybe someday I will be as smooth as the woman who created the DVD.

Our weather turned cold this afternoon with a brisk wind and clouds, BRRR!

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