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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Busy Day

The weather service had issued a severe weather alert for our area as of this morning. We were forecasted to have wind 35-55mph with gusts to 80mph. One of our trees in the front yard planted about 3 years ago is very tall and at times seems to struggle in the wind. Michael had run some wire to the outer edge of the front yard with the intention of putting in a post with an electrical outlet for things such as Christmas light. Today seemed like a good day to do this and then also use the post to secure the tall tree. But, my favorite thing he did was to attach a light fixture to the post to light our way out to the garage, it looks very nice and the tree is secure, now.

While Michael was working on the post, I used the skidsteer to haul a couple loads of firewood and to spread some gravel on some muddy spots that had developed when we dug trenches for water and electric to the new garage.

When I came inside to start lunch, I also started a major cooking project. I had some hamburger meat that had partially thawed in our malfunctioning freezer (which is history) so I made batches of spaghetti sauce and stuffing for stuffed green peppers. The rest of the hamburger I cooked and froze for other uses. In between all the cooking, the washing machine was busy, too.

About 2pm I was able to sneak off to the quilting studio. I have been fretting about the queen size quilt (my first of that size to quilt) my daughter-in-law wants me to quilt. I had loaded the backing and batting onto the frame and had the top ready to load but I just couldn't make myself start quilting. Well, today I got brave and hooray, my quilted feathers are beautiful!! I can do this!

About 6pm, the wind started and it sounds as if we are going to be blown off the map!! The temperature has also gone up and here at almost 8pm on a November night, it is almost 60 degrees outside!

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