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Friday, November 21, 2008

A Sad Granddaughter

A little more snow, cold and wind. Mother nature is telling us it is time to head south!

I baked pies this morning and then quilted the rest of the day. My Aunt had sent a Christmas quilt for me to do and I finished it today, it turned out wonderful. Michael (I'm not sure what he did today).

LoraLee decided to celebrate Thanksgiving tonight because Laci leaves early in the morning for San Antonio, back to the Air Force. We picked Nat up at the West Boulder turnoff and headed over to their house about 4pm. It was a great evening until we got ready to come home. Laci is not at all sure she wants to go back to Texas, not that she has a choice. It will help that she will spend Christmas with us in Arkansas. She also thinks Grandma and Grandpa should spend the winter in San Antonio.

Jazzy smells things in the snow such as coyote tracks and just buries her little nose. She was not a happy little dog tonight when we got home, she could smell that we had both been petting other dogs, LoraLee and Lonnie only have six dogs!!

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  1. Hi Janna
    Just wanted to let you know I think your quilts are absolutely beautiful! I can't imagine what they'll be like when you're an expert!


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