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Friday, November 7, 2008

Rain and Jazz's Birthday

Maybe the weather had something to do with why I felt so crummy today. Rain and clouds and cold. I got up this morning but ended up back in bed for a couple hours. When I got up the second time, I did feel a little better. I fixed Michael some lunch and then decided to run into Big Timber and get some groceries. We were going to Billings today but I just didn't feel like a shopping day.

We have an IGA grocery store in our small little town and I feel sorry for the older people in our community that are forced to shop there. It is so expensive. I had three bags of groceries and it was $77!! It seemed as if every item I picked up had a $5 price tag on it!

Today is Jazzy girl's eighth birthday. She got to go to town with me today so she was thrilled.

Michael worked on his truck all day and it still isn't running, maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jazz!!!! I had my 8th birthday in September. I got a bear & an elephant. What did you get?
    Fillmore Poodle Dog


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