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Monday, November 24, 2008

Ready For Bed

I got up this morning at 4am and here at 8:30pm, I am ready for my bed. We left the house at 6am headed for Billings and an 8am doctor's appointment and we finally rolled back in at 6pm!

My dermatologist/internal medicine physician was glad to hear that I am much better with no ulcers anywhere!! And I am beyond glad--it was a long summer!!

Getting my teeth cleaned was next on the list followed by lunch at our favorite restaurant, CJ's. After lunch we ran a couple of errands before Michael's doctor appointment which was a routine checkup.

We squeezed in a Costco run and several other stops before finally heading home. I bought 2 pumpkin pies at Costco and we couldn't resist a while ago--might have to stop and pick up another one tomorrow--oh, didn't I tell you, I have to go back to Billings tomorrow for an even more important appointment--my hair!

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  1. Hi Janna and Mike,

    Geoff and I enjoy reading your posts on a nearly daily basis. When we miss Montana, we just read your blog and catch up on the local happenings. It makes us feel connected to the good ol' East Boulder.
    thanks, Nancy
    PS I love the photos...especially the ones of Jazzy girl.


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