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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friends and Another Grey Day

Remember I went to the grocery store on Friday and was complaining in the blog about the price of groceries in our small town? Well, that wasn't the worst of it. We were having friends over for dinner Saturday night and I pulled the hamburger meat out of the refrigerator to start making the lasagna and the meat was spoiled! So, back in the car and back to town to return it and to go to the meat market where I should have gone in the first place! The young lady that took my returned meat asked me when I purchased the meat, yesterday I told her and then she said, "did it look like this (very dark colored all the way through) when you bought it?" I just looked at her and didn't even answer. She finally said, "guess that was a stupid question!"

Jill and Terry and Claire and Robin came for dinner last night. I made homemade lasagna, salad with poppy seed dressing and french bread. I tried a new recipe for dessert--pumpkin cheesecake, it was just OK, not a keeper recipe. We had a wonderful evening with a lot of political discussion thrown in.

Today I worked in the quilt studio all day and Michael has successfully isolated the problem with his old truck, made him a happy camper!

I only have one niece, Niki, and today was her birthday--Happy Birthday, Niki. She is a special child and we all love her dearly. She and her husband Eric have two little girls, Elizabeth and Leah. I can't wait to see everybody at Christmas.

Tomorrow we are off to Billings for a grocery run and for other important things like quilt store stops.

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