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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Catch Up

Sunday, July 24, we took another ATV ride in the Fish Creek area—twisting, turning and going around in circles, never backtracking but it sure seemed as if we were!

 IMG_5542At one point in time we were looking down on Grangeville and had excellent cell service as we were standing right beside the cell towers.

IMG_5546Indian paintbrush mixed in with some sort of daisy.

Sunday evening we enjoyed a ridiculously decadent dessert—giving us all a sugar high—not something you want to do every day but once in a while is OK.  Mom used to make these apple dumplings and when Geri saw the recipe on Facebook, I volunteered to cook—it was a hit!


Monday morning July 25, the entire gang headed to Grangeville for breakfast and to say goodbye to Mike and Cathy who are heading home to Washington.  Back up the hill again we loaded the rigs and started down the road toward Elk City, Idaho.  Construction in Grangeville on Highway 95 is a nightmare and it took us a while to maneuver around the blocked streets.  The drive to Newsome Creek just outside Elk City is stunning with the highway hugging the river making every turn and curve.  The crooked road makes for slow miles and so did the highway construction we found—UGH—it is summer in the northwest!

We found another outstanding boondocking spot beside Newsome Creek—just our three rigs, no one else!


This bird was dancing on the creek rocks then would dive below the surface of the water—a water ouzel—Judy??? 


DSCN2786It was a little warmish when we arrived so we sat in the shade beside the creek—the tall grasses tickled my legs and when I told Larry we needed a lawnmower, he brought me one—note the fingernail clippers! Winking smileHe’s such a pain!

IMG_5561Summer of 2015 forest fire and the fire lookout—this guy was much, much friendlier!


IMG_5566Note the burned area above Gary’s head—the fire embers started this fire on the lookout tower—Gary said he started making phone calls for help rather quickly!  He was rescued and the tower was wrapped in fire retardant materials, surviving the 7000 acre fire.


Here on Thursday, July 28, we are heading to a spot even more off the grid!!  Thirty miles past Elk City, Idaho—an end of the road community with an absolutely fabulous grocery store with reasonable prices.


  1. What fantastic views! I'd love the job in that fire tower. Looks like an American Dipper (or water ouzel) to me... lucky you, catching sight of him!

  2. What a beautiful spot along the creek. Such helpful friends you have :-)))) Of course this guy was friendly, look at the hat!! Glad you're having such a great time in Idaho.

  3. Oh my, please post the recipe for the delicious looking apple
    dumplings..... My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.
    Yummy, for sure !

  4. More gorgeous country:) What a great boondocking find! Gotta love those friends who are SO helpful:) Dessert looks recipe?

  5. Sharon and you are correct. American Dippers are cool birds to see.


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