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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Look Who We Found

A couple years ago we took a jeep trip out of North Ranch with Al, Kelly, Jim, Bev, Simon and Sandy to Crown King—it was a fantastic trip and we’ve stayed in touch with Jim and Bev who have moved to Idaho near McCall .  Since we were so close Bev arranged a gathering in Riggins, Idaho (yep, we went back over that big hill again but with just the trucks, no RVs).  The town of Riggins is small and sits in a narrow river valley alongside the Salmon River bringing in lots of tourist traffic floating the fast moving waters—today Riggins was having a car show.

It was so good to see Jim and Bev plus they invited another couple to lunch who ATV this area—we picked their brains for ideas!  We enjoyed a great meal at the River Rock Cafe and spent lots of time catching up before heading out to visit the car show.



Back to Grangeville we went in search of ice cream—oh, no—the ice cream shop is closed!  Cathy and Mike to the rescue—they went to the grocery store, purchased ice cream and we sat outside the rigs eating ice cream and enjoying the cool temps and warm sunshine. 

More ATVing adventures to come!—we have a slow internet signal here using our booster—it’s better than none!


  1. We as well remember our 2 special Jeep trips with you guys (Crown King & Lake Alamo)and those are special memories for us now. That's a great picture of you four. Don't know if we'll ever get out Idaho way to see Jim and Bev but it's not impossible......

    1. Al and Kelly--we would love to have you visit!

  2. ;-) Great day for us! Hope your remaining days in ID are filled with memorable moments!! When Duane and Virginia get a hankering for ice cream, they make a 300 mile round-trip from Riggins to Elk River for Huckleberry ice cream.

  3. Looks like SO much fun! Glad you found some ice cream ;-)

  4. Great pic of you four! The car show looks like a lot of fun - glad you're still having cool temps.


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