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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Drowned Rats

UPDATE:  Tuesday, July 19, we are finally back in the land of internet and cellphones in Grangeville, Idaho.  I am posting two blogs today.

Saturday under very cloudy skies we left our boondocking spot for more ATV riding—our goal was to have lunch in MontanaSmile.  It’s the middle of July and we were all dressed in multiple layers against the damp, chilly air.  Geri has worked so hard to map out these rides, obtaining USFS maps and using an app on her new smartphone—Avenza—we appreciate her! 

IMG_5426IMG_5431Once again, the scenery was gorgeous but dang it was cold!  We did have a brief sunny respite while we enjoyed lunch high on a ridge looking over into Montana.  It’s funny to see all of us grab our cellphones when we stop on a high ridge—we’ve been without internet or cell phone for almost two weeks and I for one am having withdrawal symptoms!  Watching the clouds we decided to head down off the mountain—we hadn’t gone far when the skies opened—UGH—now it’s both cold and wet.  We all have rain gear but it’s still miserable riding an ATV in the rain!  This truck camper has two awnings and we’ve been parking the RZR under the larger side awning—we had just unloaded the RZR, hung our wet clothing to dry and gotten inside the camper when the skies really dumped—it poured!  So glad we at least made it home before that deluge—we would have been drowned rats!

Sunday we took a spectacular ride under mostly sunny skies and managed to go through a whole day without donning rain gear!  But as I type this blog Sunday evening, it is raining, hard!

IMG_5436Larry having equipment envy!  Lots of logging operations in this part of Idaho and it is mind boggling how these companies are logging hillsides too steep for goats to climb!

IMG_5446Michael and I spotted this guy but others in our party saw a herd of elk—I only saw one elk butt in the heavy undergrowth!

IMG_5453IMG_5459Beautiful waterfall and steep mountains.

IMG_5463IMG_5469A fire tower look out being manned by a very, very unfriendly/crabby person! 


It was a beautiful day—a 360 degree view from the fire tower location—wildflowers everywhere.

IMG_5481IMG_5486Lake Dismal—wonder where it got that name??  It was a beautiful spot—not dismal at all!

One more day of riding here then on to another spot in Idaho—Grangeville—sure hope there is enough signal for internet!

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  1. Certainly not cool in our part of Montana this week - so jealous of those nice temps but maybe not the rain so much :-) Love the hillside of wildflowers, you're really in amazing country. Too bad about the crabby guy. Probably a good thing he's found a position where people are rare :-))))


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