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Monday, July 11, 2016

There’s A Reason the Trees Are Tall

Rain and more rain makes for tall trees I am thinking!  We’ve forgotten how the sun looks and judging from my mood, I must surely have a slight touch of seasonal affect disorder!  The rain stopped on Saturday but the skies are still grey, grey and it is chilly, very chilly! 

Friday while it was raining we all drove into Coeur d’ Alene to have breakfast and run some errands—Geri and Larry needed some business papers signed and faxed—Staples was a one shop stop for that business.  Back at the RVs we called our Spokane friend Mary who drove to our camping spot for a visit—we used to compete in Cowboy Action Shooting with Mary and her late husband Gene.  We’ve enjoyed good, good times with them—it was so good to see Mary. 

While we were out and about on the ATVs Thursday we found lots and lots of huckleberries—no bears, just berries!  Saturday we found the bear, up in a tree and when he saw us, flying down the tree so fast that bear was a black blur!



Saturday evening our friends Mike and Cathy arrived with pooch Jasmine.  Sunday in spite of the low clouds and chilly temps we all headed out for Harrison, ID—a small Coeur d’ Alene Lake community with a marina and good restaurant.  Both dogs were with us and the restaurant was extremely accomodating allowing us to bring the dogs through the dining area out onto their lakeside patio area.

 IMG_5328IMG_5331As you can tell from our attire, outside dining was a little chilly but it worked!


We’ve shared our boondocking spot with hikers, bikers and horseback riders--


But it’s time to more on--today we are moving a little east and north to see some new country—sure hope it has sunshine!



  1. Sunshine and heat does change one's attitude. I hope you find some.

  2. Your huckleberries reminded me of when we lived in Oregon... the only time ever picked huckleberries. Nice! I looked for the bear in that photo of the trees... figured he was long gone. Sure sounds like a great outing!

  3. We are loving the cooler temps in Big Timber. Had my first Huckleberry ice cream today and am definitely a fan :-)))))


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