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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Truck Load

We got lettuce, we got watermelons, we got grapes, we got beans and more beans—we have enough food to feed a small army!  We got ribbon and more ribbon and most important, I got a haircut!  I think we are ready to start cooking for this wedding.  Our oldest granddaughter Katie is getting married Saturday evening and this Grandma is catering the food—I have lots of help from friends and LoraLee’s family so we can get it done!  Michael was such a good sport today, ferrying me here and there for wedding supplies!

It was a beautiful, beautiful day in Montana, even in Billings it didn’t reach 80 degrees.  On the way out of Big Timber this morning we saw a bear right by the interstate.  What more could you ask for? 

Emmi spent the day with our friend Steve as Jeane had to work.  Jeane said when she got home, Emmi crawled up in her lap and proceeded to tell her how awful it was to be left with a stranger and a man at that!  She was really glad to see us when we arrived!  Our usual babysitter, Nat had a funeral to attend in Billings today, one of his horseshoe pitching buddies. 

It is a nice cool evening, doors are open, cool breeze coming in, glass of wine, life is good!

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