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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rattlesnakes and Quilts

“You have sold your MH. You change RV's like people change their underwear!!”  This is a direct quote from an email sent to us by our dear friends Angie and RJ upon hearing we had sold the motor home.  Well!! 

We started RVing in January of 2003 in a very small 23 foot 5th wheel (we met Angie and RJ while we owned this RV).  We decided RVing was for us and upgraded to a 26 foot 5th wheel with one slide the summer of 2003.  Liked RVing even better and in the summer of 2004 we upgraded to the Holiday Rambler 34 foot, 3 slide 5th wheel.  We kept that RV, selling it in the spring of 2009 and bought the motor home.  

Judy from Travels With Emma wanted to know “how long did it take you to move all your stuff out of the motorhome?”  Well, Judy, remember we are not fulltimers and we didn’t have to put the stuff away, it is in a huge pile downstairs as we plan on replacing the motorhome soon.  And, when we sold the Holiday Rambler 5th wheel, we made a conscious effort to decrease our “stuff.” 

Jim and Ellie our great friends from Justravelin said they can’t wait to see just how big a 5th wheel we are looking at.  Well, Jim and Ellie—on Craigslist we have looked at all sizes from 30 foot to 38 foot—we will see. 

OK, enough RVing stuff, on to the title of tonight’s post.  Rattlesnakes—YIKES—on our walk this morning I thought I heard something in the grass, took another step and was sure I heard something—grabbed Emmi up in my arms—Michael said what’s wrong and I said, “I heard something, right there” and pointed.  Michael tossed a small rock that direction and the “something” moved and Michael said, “$%%^%%^, that’s a big snake!!”  Rattlesnake rattles Evil things, Michael took the pole from one of our irrigating dams and sent him to wherever it is snakes go.

Quilts—I entered my Mexican Star wallhanging in the Sweet Grass County Fair, the first time I have ever entered a quilt in a contest of any sort and I won a blue ribbon first place, Yippee!!  Mexican Star Quilt Mexican Star Blue Riboon SGC Fair 2010 Mexican Star Quilt Detail This quilt won Best of Show and deservedly so!!  The irises in the photo are all fussy cut from the original fabric and appliquéd onto the quilt.  This is called a One Block Wonder quilt, one fabric is used and stacked together then cut creating all the kaleidoscopes across the quilt.

SGC Fair Best of Show SGC Fair Best of Show2

I went into town today and taught a quick little quilting workshop—fabric coasters—at the fair, delivered some more borrowed wedding stuff, had a glass of wine with my dear friend Jeane and came home—life needs to slow down a little!


  1. Janna, congrats on your win! That's a lovely quilt and a fabulous quilting job. I've decided to save $ on quilting by tying all the quilts I make that are too large to quilt on my Featherweight. I just finished a throw for the trailer and tied it. I'm looking forward to seeing what 5er you two end up in next. If I could afford it, I'd get a Big Country or Big Horn - love the island kitchens. But, alas, we can't - so we'll be happy in our 28-foot TT.

  2. I too want to congratulate you on winning first prize. It is indeed a beautiful quilt. I envy the know-how! Good thing you heard that snake before it heard you. Scary moment I bet.

  3. congrats on winning the blue ribbon..and as for the rattler...ewwwww

  4. Don't know anything about quilts but I sure like that 'Iris' one with all the colors on the black background & the flowers spilling out over the purple border. Are you guys leaning towards a 5th wheel again??

  5. Congratulations on the Blue Ribbon Janna...It's a beautiful quilt...and we're looking forward to seeing you guys in the desert next winter in your new rv...and the end score was great!!! Clarks 1....Snake 0

  6. The only rattlesnakes I've encountered have been on wildlife refuges where they do a great job of controlling the rodent population. Most of the snakes at Anahuac NWR drowned during hurricane Ike, so that's one of the reasons I had such a problem with mice last winter. :(

    Congrats on the quilt. :)

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