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Monday, July 19, 2010

It’s Gonna Be A Busy Week!

We had a wonderful time out at Jill and Terry’s last night.  Michelle and Bill joined us for burgers on the grill, buttermilk margaritas, potato salad and fruit salad.  Kerri (Jill and Terry’s daughter) had made homemade raspberry ice cream that was delicious.  A great evening! 

Several years ago Jill and Terry purchased this piece of ground and old brick farm house—they were our neighbors up the East Boulder.  Jill’s grandparents had lived in the brick house at one time.  Terry is a building contractor and specializes in making new look old—they are restoring this old house one weekend at a time—the upstairs is basically finished but the downstairs is in the process.  The lawns and ponds around the house are beautiful and it is only 3 miles from town.

July at Bairds the house July at Bairds Mike & Terry Mike and Terry

July at Bairds Jill, Terry, Mike Terry, Jill and MikeSunset at Bairds Sunset at Jill & Terry’s

Today I got my grocery list in order for the rest of the wedding food—we are heading to Costco in Billings tomorrow.  I have done six loads of laundry, re-canned the rhubarb jam I made yesterday to see if I can get it to jell, changed all the sheets on the beds at Joe and Tammy’s and cleaned that house—we may use it for guests for the wedding.  And, I have quilted some.  Sheesh!!! 

In the midst of doing laundry, my clothesline broke and dumped all the clean clothes into the gravel, GRRRR!!

Michael has been irrigating and puttering in the garage, Emmi has been sleeping.


  1. Yep, I can identify with the clothesline on the ground with all the clean clothes alright. Happened to us a lot on the old farm we lived on years ago when I couldn't seem to figure out how to put up a clothesline right!!

  2. Dang, clean clothes on the ground and having to redo the jam. Kind of a bummer. :)


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