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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Perfect Day

Sunny skies, cool temperatures and a little breeze—what more could one ask for in the middle of July.  Our morning walk took us up to the head of our irrigation ditch—Michael wanted to adjust the head gate to cause more water to flow down our little creek.  On the way back I caught sight of our house in its grove of aspen trees--View of house towards West Boulder2

I started the day out quilting, Tammy stopped by to visit and after lunch I began to get ready for our party tonight.  Katie (our granddaughter) and her fiancé Michael along with her parents are coming for dinner.  The wedding is approaching fast—only nine days!! 

Veragirl mentioned in a recent blog that she and her husband had lived in Indonesia—I sent a comment asking her to tell us more.  Vera suggested I search her blog which I did—really enjoyed her stories.  I’ve never traveled internationally, only to Canada and Mexico.  When I was a single nurse living in Dallas, TX, the thought of going to Saudi Arabia as a nurse crossed my mind, the pay was outstanding and the opportunity to travel was great.  Several of my colleagues convinced me that travel to Saudi Arabia would not be in my best interest—I was so outspoken I would have ended up in a Saudi jail the first time someone questioned why I, as a woman, was driving or why I wasn’t wearing a head dress and veil.  Michael has no desire to travel internationally—I and a bunch of girl friends are planning a trip in early 2012 to Italy to see Laci, our USAF granddaughter. 

A good day in Montana.


  1. I hope you have added me to the list going to Italy. What area are you going to?

  2. I'm with Mike on this one. I have never had a desire to travel internationally either & especially now in these latter years. The thoughts of jostling through crowded airports & sitting cramped on an airplane for hours on end do not appeal to me. Europe is way too crowded, Australia is too far away, & Africa is probably too darn hot just as Russia might be too darn cold. Nope, just like it right here on our own continent where we have control over our own modes of travel, destinations & lifestyle. And we all speak English & understand each other here too:))

  3. It sounds like a fun adventure to travel to Italy... will make for very good blog reading for the rest of us when you do!

    Karen and Steve
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