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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Glorious Summer Day

There is a reason we live in Montana and today was one of those reasons.  Where else in the USA can you wake up to 38 degrees in July and have the high temp be 70 degrees all day?? 

We took a walk today and surprised these two prehistoric looking crittersSandhills The birds chattered and chattered at us.

I quilted for a couple of hours this morning and then made lunch for Nat and Michael.  Nat loves to run the swather and cut hay so Mike called him this morning and asked him to come up and cut our small little hayfield. 

Joe came up and borrowed our internet connection.  When Joe and Tammy bought our ranch and other house they decided not to have any TV, telephone, or internet.  Now, mind you, they had two teenage boys at that time.  And it has worked—the boys love coming here, playing card and board games, fishing and hiking.  More families should try it!  Michael and I don’t have TV but we do have internet and Joe needed to check some work things this morning—he is the marketing director for a major beer company. 

This afternoon I quilted and then about 4pm I made a run into town.  At lunch time Michael had attached our last propane bottle to the gas grill, he needed oil for the chainsaws, we needed a USFS wood cutting permit and it was time to license the Ford dually.  Montana has a new license plate and it is so ugly—I was hoping we wouldn’t be forced to switch but we were, UGH! 

A light supper and we are just sitting here relaxing.  I feel as if I am catching a cold (I was on an airplane) and am hoping it is just allergies. 

Here is a photo of the little quilt I made as a gift to Shirley for their 50th wedding anniversary:Shirleys wallhanging3


  1. 70 degrees and sunshine is a great temperature. I'd love to have that all year long ☺ Nice looking quilt. What kind of birds are they?

  2. Janna I couldn't agree with you more. We may not be in Montana but the temps here in South Dakota are about the same as what you are having. I do not think we will ever sweat our behinds off again down south. It's just too nice up here.

    Rollie & Gina

  3. Guess you didn't have the very high winds we did yesterday. All kinds of things, including outside furniture, were blowing around all over the camp. :)


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