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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Non Day

What happened to today, it is almost 9pm and if anyone asked me what I did today, I’m not sure I could tell them quickly—would have to think about it for a while.  We’ve been to Livingston this evening to look at another “project” car for Michael and thank goodness we came home empty handed!!

A little laundry and clean up work, steaks on the grill for lunch then off to town to deliver leftover wedding stuff to Jill, do some banking business and other errands.  We left Emmi with Nat while we zipped over to Livingston in the sports car.

I promise after tonight, no more wedding photos!

A Little Cowboy A little Montana cowboy, he never went anywhere without that hat, his Mom said he takes it to bed.Katie and Granddad Katie and Granddad sharing a laugh.

Katie and the flower girl Katie and Masie, one of the flower girls. 


  1. It is indeed a beautiful bride! I had to chuckle about your "thank goodness we came home empty handed!!" I feel the same way when Cliff looks at some "treasures". Last years "White Elephant" was enough for me for awhile.

  2. Great photo of the little guy by the water with the big 10 gallon cowboy hat on. Never much cared for working on cars whether new one's or project one's but I sure enjoy driving the darned things. I'd like to come out there & take your VW bug for a snort. After having over half a dozen of them years ago I probably haven't had a 'bug fix' for close to 40 years!!

  3. Great shot of the little cowpoke! It's amazing how some days just disappear before our very eyes. :)

  4. you can post as many wedding pics as you want!!..great shot of the bride and her grandpa!!..and the little guy in the cowboy hat!!1


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