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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping and Dining Out

Everyone went off to different places yesterday with Mom, Danny and Michael staying home to recuperate! Boy and I headed to Hot Springs, AR which happens to be the birthplace of Bill Clinton but is also the home to many antique stores. Boy is a collector of antique tobacco items and other things. We had a great day and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. The Dutch ladies went shopping--they love our stores here--things are much more expensive in Holland so they always bring extra suitcase space for taking home treasures. Ann took Leon and Edward for a hike near Hot Springs in spite of the fact it misted rain most of the day.

In the evening we all met for dinner at a Chili's in Hot Springs. There were 20 of us for dinner and Boy and the rest of the Holland folks treated us. We split up after dinner with the Holland ladies going off to do more shopping, meeting back up at Danny and Ann's for coffee and desserts.

This morning at 6am, it is 70 degrees and very humid. The Dutch folks rose very early, 4am, to take Leon to the Little Rock airport. He has to return to Holland for work and the rest of the gang will remain in the US until January 1. They are all leaving Arkansas tomorrow for more US sightseeing.

Breakfast by Ann this morning was delicious and I am going to catch up on some housekeeping chores today in preparation for leaving tomorrow.

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  1. Niki gave us your blog address...and I love it!! Can't wait to keep up with your adventures down the road. Good to see you on and happy travels to you and Michael!



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