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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Loading and Loading Some More

Tuesday we took our early morning walk in the snow and cold. Last winter when Jazz was so sick, she would just poop out on walks--would just stop and not be able to go any farther so Michael would pick her up and carry her. Well, now when you want her to go somewhere she doesn't want to go or you stop her from chasing a deer, she stops, jumps up on Michael's legs and begs to be carried and as you can see in these photos, Michael suckers!!

Good thing she only weighs 20 pounds.
We loaded stuff and more stuff into the RV, Michael is about finished with his packing, I still have a little more to do.
Mid-afternoon we headed into Big Timber. Nat needed a new thermostat and as a Christmas present we gave him a weather station. Michael installed new wiring and the new thermostat and started reading the directions for the weather station. The wind was literally howling in Big Timber. Nat said he wasn't sure he wanted to know how hard it was blowing with this new weather station. Today Michael has an appointment with our tax accountant and he will finish installing the weather station.
In the evening we went to Steve and Jeane's for dinner, always a most pleasant time. Jill and Terry were there too. Steve and Jeane live in a wonderful old home that was an original carriage house for storage of horse drawn carriages. Jeane's taste is exquisite and the home is decorated beautifully. We had a wonderful time visiting with good friends and the food was great--for dessert, a chocolate cake with peppermint flavored filling, YUM! We were home rather late last night, so the blog gets posted in the morning!
Off to pack some more.

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