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Friday, December 12, 2008

Bike Loaded and Lunch With Friends

We were slow getting around this morning, took a walk and then Michael hooked up the RV, pulled it forward and we loaded the motorcycle on board. He didn't want to do this chore on Saturday when it was 30 degrees and snowing.

Then, on to Big Timber for lunch with Jeane and Jill at the Grand. Michael went out to his Dad's to try and get the weather station working. Jeane, Jill and I had a great, relaxing lunch, I will miss them while down south although both have promised to visit this winter.

After lunch I spent time getting my friend Kelly's Christmas present ready to ship and other errands. Michael picked me up and we did the post office and UPS run.

The weather station just would not give us a wind mph so I got on the phone to Oregon Scientific and received outstanding customer service. With a little tweaking, Michael was successful and now Nat knows just how hard the wind is blowing in the windy city of Big Timber. I'm not so sure he really wanted to know!

We stopped and visited Jim and Beryl in the nursing home before dragging ourselves home, I sure hope it is early to bed for me tonight!

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