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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mini Ice Storm and More Eating

We woke during the night to the sound of rain on the roof and wondered what the morning would bring. There was a little ice on the steps and vehicles but it melted quickly as the morning warmed up. It continued to rain off and on all day.

Yesterday Mom and I drove to Clinton, AR to the home of my aunt and uncle. This is my aunt who sends me the quilts to quilt. My Uncle Si has Parkinson's disease and is confined to a wheelchair but is still alert and enjoys visitors. Aunt Marg had more quilts for me to take home. We enjoyed lunch with them and then headed home getting caught up in the Christmas traffic.

Friends of Danny and Ann--Pat and Harley who have visited us in Montana--joined us for a wonderful dinner last night. Danny smoked pork and venison on the smoker all day and it was delicious. He about froze while doing it, it was very cold and windy yesterday.

Today Mom and I gave my niece an early Christmas present. Niki is a nurse and works full time and has two small daughters, Elizabeth and Leah. Mom and I cleaned her house and did the laundry.

About 2pm Mom took me to town where I met up with Niki and we took off to get our hair cut getting home after 5pm. Michael, Danny and my brother Ross installed Mom's new flooring in her bathroom today.

A busy day, maybe we will slow down tomorrow, you think???

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