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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not Sleeping

Is not sleeping a symptom of getting older?? Seems like when we get together with friends the topic of sleep or rather not sleeping comes up. Michael rarely sleeps past 5am and in Montana in the winter, that is just too dang early to get up. Now me, I might sleep until 3am or 5am just depends on the night.

On Wednesday, we continued to load the RV. Our medicine cabinet in the RV is a good size for one in a RV but it had only one shelf so everything was just piled in the cabinet and if you opened the door too quickly, everything fell out and you better be sure the toilet lid was closed! My sweet husband put another shelf in the cabinet yesterday, isn't he a good husband??

In the afternoon I went down to my friend Shirley's home and gave her another computer lesson on dealing with photographs. Michael went into town to visit our tax accountant before we leave and to finish installing his Dad's weather station. He wasn't successful with the weather station--more research is needed!

The wind has been howling the last two days, I don't think I could deal with the wind if we stayed here in the winter time, it just never stops this time of year.

More RV loading today and I am almost finished with my friend Kelly's Christmas present.

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