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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Arkansas Arrival

We are here! Friday we made it to a wonderful state park in south eastern Oklahoma called McGee Lake State Park. Electric and water hookups and we had the entire campground to ourselves. Michael saw his first ever armadillo and Jazz really wanted the critter to play with her. Cardinals and ducks talked to us and just about dusk we heard a chorus of coyotes. A wonderful place to spend the night. Our RV site backed right up to the lake.

Saturday morning we made our way to Arkansas to my family home. The entire Barnes/Hill family lives either on the farm that belonged to my Grandfather or very close by in the case of my niece and her family. It is great to be here, my sister Ann and her husband Danny have a RV electric hookup and we are snug and comfortable. Last night we had dinner at Mom's and then headed to Little Rock for the Yuletide Symphony concert. A great evening, beautiful music.

Today we all headed to church. My brother-in-law Danny is the minister of the church I attended while growing up. Lots of friends from days ago and family still attend the church. Today their choir presented the Christmas cantata and it was beautiful. Niki's (my niece) two daughters were cast as angels complete with halos, a serious miscasting I told them! After church it was back to Danny and Ann's for a wonderful lunch of stuffed beef tenderloin and all the fixings. I am still stuffed hours later. That is one of the things this family does best--we cook and eat, eat and cook!

The afternoon was spent visiting. It is cold here with a nasty wind blowing. Michael and I stayed home tonight while everyone else went back to church for the children's program.

I won't be posting any photos for a while although I have taken some great ones. Danny and Ann live in a high speed internet dead spot here and only have dial-up which isn't conducive to posting photos.


  1. We are so glad you made it! Jim and I wish you a most wonderful, blessed Christmas with your family!!


  2. Welcome to Arkansas! I've been "lurking" on your site for months now and am glad you made it "home" for Christmas! With our weather now, it's not much warmer than when you left Montana. Merry Christmas from a cyber-friend in Searcy, AR.

  3. It is snowing and the wind is blowing here-yuk. Kerri had frozen pipes in the basement of her house with water running out of the foundation and into the basement. At least there is a drain in the floor. What a way to start the week. I am glad that you arrived safely. Tell everyone Merry Christmas.


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