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Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Take A Drive

Early yesterday morning, I woke sneezing and by the time I got up I was in a full blown allergy attack--the cedar trees wreak havoc on some people and I guess it was my turn. I downed an Allegra and a couple hours later was feeling better. Better enough to go look at a Jeep--we have been thinking of getting some type of convertible and I guess Jeeps classify as convertibles sort of. It wasn't the one we wanted but we did find a good lunch. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, reading and walking the dog.

Around 5pm, I joined our neighbors, Jan & Joe and Judy & Rick for happy hour--Michael said it was too cold for him to sit outside. These folks are all from Kansas and are just fun to be around. Rick has a real interest in training dogs, his dog Biscuit, a yellow lab, is a joy to be around, perfectly behaved, comes when called, does her business on command, etc., unlike our spoiled brat who says when you call her, "who me???, you talking to me????" After about 30 minutes of happy hour, it got too cool to be outside and I packed it in.

Michael suggested we take a drive today and visit some of the areas he has ridden on the motorcycle, Jazzy girl got to go along. We went west of here to a town called Camp Wood and had lunch, then circled back into Kerrville and then home. We stopped at the Dairy Queen in Bandera and I had a very small ice cream, Michael had a not so small ice cream! We both decided to walk the dog after sitting in the truck all day--it takes a while to walk her in this park, we are always meeting up with people we want to talk to.

Photos are from today's drive.

Texas Stonehenge!! The owner of this land had someone build this 2/3 size replica of the original Stonehenge in England. While the original Stonehenge is oriented to the sun this one is not. It sure was surprising to come around the corner and see this thing out in the field!
When we were here two years ago, we constantly remarked on all the beautiful gates leading to people's property, this is one we saw today. We drove by many more before I got the driver to stop and let me take a photo!
The Guadalupe River near Kerrville--it is so sad to see all the creeks and many of the rivers here dry. The Guadalupe is extremely low and to think many years ago I floated this year in a raft at flood stage!!

Isn't this a cool fence, made from cedar poles. All my photos show how brown and dry it is in this area this year.

Was today Super Bowl Sunday??

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