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Monday, February 16, 2009

Rockport, TX Trip

The second rig from the left end is ours--we were on a bay so the waves were not huge. The wind blew and it was cool the entire time we were in Rockport.

On Friday the 13th (good thing we aren't superstitious) we hooked up the RV and headed south to Rockport, TX. We had reservations at Goose Island State Park--our site was right on the ocean with our back window about 15 feet from the shore line--ocean front property for the bargain price of $20 a night!
Many RVer's with friends that also RV have a rule, "if you are traveling to meet friends at a particular RV park or spot, the travelers don't have to cook." Jim and Ellie have been in Rockport for a few weeks along with Mark & Dortha and they invited us for dinner Friday evening. They are staying at the Last Resort RV Park and we drove over and enjoyed an absolutely wonderful dinner with the four of them. We met Jim and Ellie while staying in Tucson last year and hit it off--could it be because they have two Schnauzers, one Mr. BoJangles who looks like Jazz's twin brother? Jim grilled pork chops and pineapple and the ladies provided the rest of the great meal.
Saturday we were bums, it was wonderful--no internet, very few TV stations, just quiet and the ocean. After lunch we drove to Wal Mart and purchased some bottled water, the water in the state park was very chlorinated and made the coffee smell terrible. A stop for ice cream and then back to the park. While driving into the park we decided to go see the Big Tree--a local attraction. The road was blocked with an accident--a motorcycle--I got out to see if I could help as there was no ambulance at the scene. It was a 16 year old young man who had done everything correctly, with the exception of wearing no helmet. He slowed down to make a turn, had his blinker on and a women in a large pickup hit him from behind. I think he will be OK, he had some major head lacerations and kept complaining of severe hip pain. The ambulance came and we went on our way. Motorcycle riding is extremely dangerous--you can be doing everything correctly and someone else can kill you!!
After the excitement of the accident, we forgot about seeing the Big Tree and instead took part in a photography workshop. I learned more about my camera in an hour than I have in the two months since I have owned it--very informative.
Sunday we drove to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge--it is so incredibly dry in this part of the country, the marshes and swamps are dry and there is concern for the habitat and food supply for the birds and animals living in the Refuge. It is one of the winter homes for the endangered Whooping Cranes. We saw alligators and we think we saw a Crane at a distance. In the evening we joined Jim & Ellie and Mark & Dortha for dinner at the Big Fisherman. It was a delightful dinner and we left with promises to get together this summer if not before.
Today we headed back to Lake Medina and spent the afternoon hosing the salt and sand from the RV and truck. I also attempted to vacuum some of the sand from inside the rig.
Three Brown Pelicans

Four in a row--four White Pelicans
Mark and Dortha are in the foreground of the photo, Jim & Ellie on the right at the back and Michael at the Big Fisherman.
It was a great little weekend trip and it was wonderful to see friends.

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