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Monday, February 2, 2009

Walks and Weight Watchers

Well, there was probably never a more lopsided domino game ever than the one tonight for which I was on the losing team! If that is how the guys are going to treat me, I am going back to playing cards with the ladies!

We slept in this morning, all the way until after 7am, that is late for us! I had my coffee and read the newspaper online before heading over to the laundromat and getting our laundry finished. Then we took a long walk. Michael started his project for the day, we unfortunately had a sewer value leak which entailed his replacing the value. Took him about 2 hours and he was a happy camper and I was even happier!

I went to the Weight Watchers meeting and got the happy news that I had lost 3 pounds this week--awesome!

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