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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family in Arkansas

I left San Antonio yesterday and took a Delta flight up to Arkansas to visit my family. Mom picked me up at the airport and today we took a drive down to Monticello, AR to visit my cousin Buddy and his wife Linda. They have a beautiful home and we enjoyed lunch with Linda and a quick visit with Buddy at his place of work.

Tonight my niece Niki and her two little girls came over--there is a reason I never had kids. I elected to help the older child, Elizabeth with her homework--we had to read two very simple books, write the titles and authors on a piece of paper, draw a picture and sign our names and I am exhausted!

Michael is back at Lake Medina enjoying the warm weather and doing some painting. I will be here until next Tuesday and as my Mom still has dial-up internet, blog posting will be sporadic--only when I have lots of patience!

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  1. Boy, don't we get spoiled to stuff like DSL and aircards!!

    See you soon.



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