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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting Ready to Move

It was warm enough last night to sleep with the windows open and we slept so well. Michael got up early as is his habit some times and I slept in getting up in time to get over to the laundry and get our clothes going before the laundry rush started. There are only 5 washing machines in a park with 90+ sites so you have to get going early to beat the crowd!

Michael took the truck up to the RV park owner's garage/barn and changed the oil and began packing up all the outside stuff. We had lunch then loaded the motorcycle on its ramp on the rear bumper of the 5th wheel.

We have discussed and discussed internet options since getting rid of our Hughes satellite internet dish. We had hoped to depend on RV park wi-fi and it worked most of the time in this park but we hope to try some boondocking and wi-fi won't be an option. Verizon aircards work great for lots of people but an aircard will not work at our home in Montana--too many mountains between us and a tower. I've done some research and found out than you can put Verizon aircard service on vacation for six months out of each calendar year so we made the decision today to go get a card. We will just put it on vacation when we are at home in Montana. We received awesome service at the Verizon store in Helotes and the guy even installed the card software on my laptop for me!

Auto Zone stores will take used oil so we dropped off the oil and picked up a blizzard at Dairy Queen before heading back to the park. Ralph had rolled his wheelchair all the way over to our rig from theirs which is no short distance and Angie was quick to follow behind him. We had a good visit and told them goodbye until the next time. We said our goodbyes to lots of people last night and today. Last night we attended a wonderful potluck at Rick and Judy's--many folks are leaving this week and weekend.

Ralph and Angie--Ralph had an ankle fusion surgery done a few weeks ago and cannot bear any weight on his ankle for 2 months--he is doing very well and so is nurse Angie.

We are heading out in the morning, on to the next spot--we've had a great time here visiting with old friends and making new.

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  1. Hope you guys got the email I sent late last night about boondocking near Tombstone Az. If not, let me know......Al & The Bayfield Bunch.


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