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Friday, February 17, 2017

Verizon, ATV Lifts and Sulphur Springs Valley

On one side of the Sulphur Springs Valley we see the snow covered Chiricahua Mountains and on the west side of the valley we see the Dragoon Mountains.  The elevation is about 4800 feet making nights and mornings very chilly but the days warm up nicely.  This valley is wide and open—farming, ranching, wineries and people wanting to get away from the crowds make up this community.  Oh, and don’t forget the tumbling tumbleweeds!  We are here for a bit before heading back to North Ranch.

DSCN3773Sunset over the Dragoons last night.

We spent the night at the Escapees Saguaro Co-Op Park in Benson Tuesday night and saw this rig in action.  You will notice the truck squatting as the ATV is lifted onto the bed—the truck was only a half ton pickup and did not have air bags although the owner did say air bags were next on the list.

And now for Verizon—just one big GRRRRR!  All cellphones companies are awful about dangling that carrot and forgetting to tell you the rest of the story.  From all the talk on blogs and forums even the folks who work for Verizon couldn’t keep the story straight!  Robert Jae and Nina—you were correct—tethering has more meaning than just using your phone as a hotspot thus our Jetpack is subject to Verizon’s fine print.  Technomadia Cherie states: “ Once you use 10GB of data your LTE speed will drop to 3G levels for the remainder of the month.  Chris and Cherie are the go to experts for internet anything and I have more faith in their info than in anything a Verizon employee might deliver.  With that said, I live chatted with a Verizon representative yesterday morning and here’s his statement:

“The 10GB is not a limit. This means once you reach 10GB the plan could have its data prioritized but that’s only if at that time you are in an area where the tower you are using has an overload of traffic.”

So, who knows?????  We have the Jetpack and the iPhone so we can use 10GBs of data on each of these devices—but unlimited—not happening with Verizon I don’t think!  We will stick with the unlimited plan as it’s less expensive than the plan we currently have with 24GBs.  If necessary we will activate our old iPhone SIM card to gain more data.  The whole scenerio leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth thank you very much Verizon!

DSCN3779Sunrise over the Chiricahua Mountains this morning.


  1. Love it there in Benson, have fun. Verizon can be frustrating for sure !

  2. Yeah I was super disappointed when I finally understood the details of Verizon's "unlimited" plans. I honestly don't know how they can get away with such deceptive marketing. Anyway I hope it works out for you. At least you have 20G with the chance for another 10G if you activate that third SIM.

  3. The mountains are gorgeous! That is quite an expensive piece of equipment to get that 4x4 up on the truck.

  4. Gorgeous views - I love that valley. That's quite the fancy ATV hauler, sure nice when adding a trailer behind - but it must cost a fortune.


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