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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lemons, Lemons And More Lemons

Our lemon tree is loaded this year and the cowboy decided today was the day to make lemon juice.  I freeze it in 1/2 cup portions for lemon pies and in ice cube trays for other uses.  We enjoyed lemon meringue pies all last summer from this same lemon tree.


Friday evening we joined the ATV gang for dinner at the Yarnell Diner—we love going there, the waitress has been there as long as we’ve been going and she takes all the teasing with good grace. 

It was cloudy last night—we caught a quick glimpse of the moon before the cloud cover rolled in but no eclipse viewing and no comet viewing, either.  It’s rarely cloudy in Arizona—but last night it sure was—dang it!

DSCN3745Last grapefruit from our tree—we didn’t get very many but the ones we did pick sure tasted great!

Not much else going on—walking the pooch, regular chores—that’s about it.

DSCN3739Caught this sunset while out walking Emmi one evening this week.


  1. Beautiful sunset! I squeezed oranges this morning for two half gallons of juice. Thanks goodness for electric juicers! I'll do the lemon thing before we leave. The lemon trees are always full here at Lazydays. The oranges go first. I have some grapefruit to squeeze now. Your lemons are all perfect! The lemon meringue pie sounds like a great idea...might be in our future:)

  2. That's a lot of lemons that will be put to good use. Love your sunset photo.

  3. Pretty cute juicer you've got :-) Nothing better than fresh, off-the-tree citrus - we're loving the lemons here in the park. Wonderful sunset!!

  4. I think those lemons have got Mike puckered up a bit.


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