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Monday, February 13, 2017

Rain, A Party and Verizon

It rained most of Saturday night—a gentle, soak in the ground kind of rain.  Sunday was cloudy/cool and it rained again in the evening accompanied by thunder and lightening.  The desert is getting good moisture this season.

The clouds make for beautiful sunsets and sometimes the colorful skies are in the east:


We gathered with our friends at Larry and Geri’s Sunday night for a delightful party.  The food was fantastic as usual.  The conversation and laughter with friends was priceless. 

DSCN3756Westward looking.

The iPhone we purchased in 2014 is a 5c with only 8GB of storage of which Apple took over three GBs for its endless updates.  I was continually getting messages, “unable to take photo, storage is full.”  Or “storage is full, go to settings to manage your storage.”  I deleted photos and apps but still didn’t have enough storage—by the time I “managed my storage” the photo opportunity was usually goneWinking smile.  So, I started cruising eBay using good advice from Nina and located a “new, other” iPhone 6 in my price range.  The phone was either a floor model or a model someone returned without the box.  It’s in pristine condition and has a whopping 128GBs of storage!  It had been used on the Verizon network but came without a SIM card so it could be used on most networks.  I’m loving it—ordered a UAG case and screen protectors from Amazon. 

I mentioned to Geri that a trip to Surprise and the Verizon store to purchase a SIM card was in my near future.  Geri reminded me there was a Verizon store in Wickenburg—what an awesome store with amazing customer service reps!!  I’ve never been treated so royally in a Verizon store and I didn’t even buy the phone in their store!! 

And speaking of Verizon—did all you RVers out there see the news—we received an advance email last night telling us Verizon was FINALLY offering unlimited data again.  And it’s actually affordable—we compared it to the local provider here and our DSL providing telephone company in Montana.  Verizon’s website makes the following statement: “After 22GBs/line/month, we may prioritize your data behind other Verizon customers during network congestion.” We are signed up to go onboard with unlimited the first of March. 

Life is good!



  1. We only got a light shower but lots of thunder.

    I was reading about the new unlimited data plan from Verizon on Technomads site. It seems there is a limit if you tether your phone or use it as a hotspot. So maybe double check that if you use your phone as a hotspot for your computer:) We still have Verizon's unlimited data plan from way back when the smart phones came out. They have tried to get rid of us but it hasn't worked. We can't buy a phone from them or we lose our plan. We had to buy our phone outright and transfer the sim card. We are quite spoiled.

    Love the sky in both directions!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Verizon unlimited data, gonna get right on it,

  3. Love those pink skies! Looks like more rain coming for the weekend. We get to Wickenburg on the 21st :-)

  4. The desert between Wikieup and Wickenburg was as green as a Scottsdale Golf Course yesterday and I came through. Maybe it is just a coincidence that when we are contemplating needing a more mobile internet supplier Verizon has come to the game, and then again maybe not. I will be paying attention to folks reports on it in any case.

  5. Hope you Realize that that unlimited data is on device data and only includes 10gig of high speed hot spot (tethered)data


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