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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More On Verizon

“Hope you Realize that that unlimited data is on device data and only includes 10gig of high speed hot spot (tethered)data”  comment by Robert Jae

Are we the only people on the planet who don’t tether??  We have a Verizon Jetpack which serves as our router/modem and one cellphone—an iPhone 6.  The cowboy refuses to carry a cellphone.  The only time I use the iPhone as a hotspot is if we are in the truck and I want to see something such as a map on a larger screen.  We don’t pay for cellular data on the iPad so I just use the iPhone as a hotspot and connect to the phone with the iPad.  So, are we the only people on the planet who don’t tether?? 

We were paying for 24GBs of data with Verizon—our bill ran about $155/month.  Even if Verizon does slow down our speed after 22GB we will still come out better financially—with the jetpack and one phone our new bill with unlimited data is going to be about $108/month. 

There are lots of articles about Verizon’s new plan out there—not all are accurate I’ve found.  One author claimed you couldn’t have an unlimited plan with Verizon without signing up for AutoPay—not true at least in our case.

We are currently out and about again in the motorhome—life is good!


  1. We don't tether. Don't have any idea how to even do that. And the autopay reduces the cost by $10. We just signed up for the unlimited data. The Verizon person told me that they will start slowing you down after 22gb but we won't know how slow until we get there. We had such a good deal before for 18gb that we aren't going to save any money, but we will have unlimited. That works for me.

  2. Forgot to mention - ordered the collar and our fingers are crossed that it works.

  3. I should have explained more. When you connect to your mifi that is tethering. You mifi will have 10gig of high speed data then drop to 3G speeds, still on the 4G network. When you connect your iPad to the phone hotspot that is tethering also. The good news is that each device has 10G of high speed data. If you use your phone alone to surf the web or use maps etc then it is unlimited data subject to network control after 22gig. That means if you are on a congested tower Verizon could slow you down. All in all it is a good plan. Unless you intend to use a mifi at home as your primary connection then you may hit the 10gig limit pretty quickly.

    1. Here is a link that better explains tethering.

    2. This link is probably the best for understanding what the plan actually does.

  4. You'll be limited to 10GB of high speed data anytime you hotspot. After that it'll drop to 3G. So no matter which device you have (MiFi, phone etc.) if you're connecting your computer to it, it'll limit to 10GB. You only get the full 22GB on device (I.e. Not Hotspotting). It may still work better for you. If you've got 2 phones on the plan you get 10GB of hotspot on each line. Plus if you have a MiFi you'll get an additional 10GB on that. At least that's how I understand it's going to work.


  5. We have one phone on Verizon now, and will tether to get data while we are out and about from DPS. After the 10GB I guess we will be using the phone rather than the laptop/iPad. Hoping it works better at Yellowbird Drive than T-Mobile did.


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