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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


There is not much change in Chuck’s condition, he is stable but still very ill.  To protect his privacy, I will just tell you a couple medical stories while I am waiting to go back to the hospital tonight to visit. 

This is a small community hospital about 30 miles from Little Rock.  I went to college in this small town which is now a much larger, bedroom community to Little Rock.  The pulmonary doctor and all the nurses have been fantastic.  But—Chuck has been in this hospital since Thursday and we had not seen hide nor hair of his cardiologist, the primary/main doctor.  No calls, no visits, nothing.  Last night I told Chuck’s nurse that I was firing this guy and requesting a new cardiologist.

As we were sitting with Chuck this morning, the pulmonary doctor came to visit.  He asked me what the cardiologist thought.  I said, “how should I know, we’ve never met him.”  The poor guy was so taken aback he didn’t know what to say, finally stumbling out with, “Dr. **** hasn’t been here??”  I said, “no, we’ve been in that waiting room out there, non-stop since Thursday and we’ve yet to see him.”  We talked about other issues for a while and he left.  In less than 15 minutes the cardiologist walked in the door—I think the pulmonary doctor must have put a bug in his ear! Winking smile

It is about a 70+ mile drive one way to this hospital from my Mom’s house.  That was getting old!  Barry and Donna offered us the use of their home, they live only about 10 miles outside this town—and we appreciate that offer so much more than they will ever know!  But, yesterday the nurse told us about the hospital’s guest house only two blocks from the hospital.  The price was unbeatable—free!  It’s a very, very old home, high ceilings, lots of built in cabinetry, beautiful, dark hardwood flooring—we will be comfortable here. 

Thank you all for your many thoughts and prayers—they are much appreciated!


  1. Thanks for checking in.

    Glad someone but a boot to the doctor's butt.

  2. We appreciate an update. Sure hope the doctor appears more often! How great to have a place nearby for free!! Thoughts and prayers to Chuck, and your family:)

  3. What a kind gesture that guest house is. Too bad the other services leave so much to be desired.

  4. Sound too familiar as we had to "track down" the doctors who are allegedly responsible for Bill's mom. So sorry that Chuck is still very ill. I know how much Mom appreciates you being there. The old hospital in Seattle has lodging for visitors in an old hotel across the street. You can order "room service" from the hospital cafeteria - too funny!! Very nice option when home is so far away.

  5. Life is short, indeed ! My prayers and hopeful thoughts are with you and your family ! I feel so bad for your poor mother , hopefully things will improve soon !

  6. Mike / Janna:
    I've been looking at the boulder river area for a cabin for my family. Not looking for a mansion, just a well built cabin/home on creek or river. Not sure how i came across this blog but you obviously live in the area. I have talked to 2 livingston realtors but not sure if i trust their advice. We would use the cabin from July - Sept, I lived in the mtns of Colorado for 10 years, fly fishing guide for 4 years so I understand the mtn life a little. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Mike S. - Highland Village, TX

  7. oh yea, my email is


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