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Friday, May 6, 2016

Too Early For Smoke

It’s way too early in the season for fires!  The  footage from evacuations in Fort McMurray, Alberta is both frightening and heartbreaking.  That is one massive fire—way too early in the season! 

Remember this photo of our mountains I posted a couple days ago--


Well, this is what it looks like today:

DSCN2504Today the smoke from the Alberta fires rolled into Montana.  News reports tell us the air quality is unhealthy—you can smell the smoke and while I was weed whacking this morning I could feel my eyes burning.  I read one report stating the weather was going to give firefighters a break in Fort McMurray, we sincerely hope so!  And let us pray for rain, rain and more rain! 

Thursday we took our first Billings trip of the season doing a Costco run to re-stock the freezer and pantry—almost broke the bank!  We enjoyed a great lunch at one of our favorites—Jake’s—and our favorite waitress even came over to welcome us home!

Today I re-packaged all the meat we purchased yesterday and did some more dang laundry!  How do two people generate so many dirty clothes??? 

Nat is downsizing a tad—he has a roommate/caretaker living with him and they needed some room for her things.  Facebook local online garage sales are a great place to sell things you no longer need.  In the last few days I posted a bed—one of those adjustable ones—and it sold almost instantly.  I also posted a riding lawnmower and it garnered so much attention there was almost an online fist fight!!! Winking smileA father and his son came this afternoon and purchased the mower—the son has a lawn mowing service in the summer.  I remember this young man—he was a wild child when small but has grown up to be a very polite, well spoken young man!!  His mom home schools he and his sister—kudos to her!!

And that’s about the extent of what is happening around here—get to see the grand babies tomorrow!!!


  1. I saw the picture of Billings and all the smoke. This is not a good thing.

  2. We're getting it today in W. Colorado, though nothing like you guys have it. Very tragic, and the Alaska Highway has ben shut down off and on because of a fire near Ft. St. John's, they're now letting people through by pilot car.

  3. Wow! I can't believe how much smoke you are seeing! The size of that fire is so unbelievable. Those poor people.

  4. Unbelievable! I saw that LaBatt brewery shut down their beer operation to produce cans of water to send to the firefighters. Commendable!

  5. That smoke must be coming down east of us, it is clear and clean here in Western Alberta. Things are pretty bad up there, but Albertans are resourceful. My cousin was evacuated on Tuesday/Wednesday and is already back in Fort Mac. He runs a Fountain Tire store there and someone needs to keep all that fire fighting equipment on the road so Randy and his guys are back at work. The oil companies active in the area have really stepped up to the plate and are housing thousands of evacuees at their camps north of Fort Mac. They have also chartered commercial airlines and are flying folks out to Edmonton daily. My old outfit Shell is averaging 21 flights a day out of their airstrip north of Fort Mac with evacuees delivering them to Edmonton and Calgary, free of charge.

  6. Devastating to see such a huge fire, especially so early in the year - doesn't bode well for coming months. Wonderful to hear of human resilience and companies helping others. I'll have to look at FB garage sales now that we're downsizing Bill's mom.


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