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Monday, May 16, 2016

Thankful For The Rain

While neither of us is enjoying the much cooler temps and having to stay inside, we are thankful for the one inch of rain this area of Montana received last night and today.  During the night I would wake up and hear water pouring over our “must be stopped up” gutter—it was loud!  Today I cleaned that gutter in the rain so as not to have a repeat tonight!  And speaking of noisy—sometime in the night I woke and stretched my leg—next thing I know I am up out of bed dancing around with the worst cramp in my calf—moaning and groaning.  My sympathetic husband didn’t even stir!!!  That calf is still sore today!

I’ve finished the small quilt I’ve been working on and it’s ready for the quilting frame once the backing comes out of the dryer.  I have another customer quilt to do—a t-shirt quilt—I’ve never done one of these. 

Michael painted again yesterday and today turning out another nice one.  He also spent some time researching Cadillac keys or key fobs.  My car came with only one key and one fob—at times it would be nice to have another set but geez they want a lot of money for one of those coded keys!!  So he was looking on eBay and Amazon for replacements.

And, we are in the market for a new mattress—we want to try a memory foam—any ideas out there??

On the subject of buttermilk—Brenda reminded me about using milk and vinegar to make buttermilk—I’ve done that before but sometimes we don’t even have milk as neither of us drinks milk.  Michael uses almond milk on his cereal. 

Have you all seen the news story out of Yellowstone National Park—two men from another country saw a buffalo calf, thought it was cold and put it in their SUV taking it to a park ranger.  They were fined and today the news states the buffalo calf was euthanized as the herd had moved on without him and the calf was approaching people and cars.  What’s the answer—bus people into Yellowstone as they do in Denali???  Today the news shows four young men walking out onto a the Grand Prismatic Spring—they are dang lucky they didn’t fall through ending up with burns!!

  I read this book a long time ago—it’s a great/sad at times read about all the strange things people actually do in Yellowstone National Park.  (can you readers see the Amazon tile with the book name??)

And Brooks Michael at one month old--


  1. Several years ago three young people, collage age IIRC, jumped into one of the hot pools.
    They were well literally cooked by the time their bodies were removed.
    In the 20's or 30's a man walked up to a bear and put his hat on it's head. It gutted him with one swipe.
    Stupid people do stunts like this every year.

  2. A few years ago, we discovered the Serta iComfort mattress while we were contemplating a memory foam model. Liked it so much that we bought an identical one for the RV. Problem with the memory foam was that it was too hot; didn't breathe enough. But that's just us. Good luck!

  3. Three months ago we bought a tempurpedic mattress with cooling gel in it, and we are sleeping very soundly now!

  4. Three months ago we bought a tempurpedic mattress with cooling gel in it, and we are sleeping very soundly now!

  5. I loved the comment on fb, :You can't fix stupid!" So appropriate! Too bad the guys didn't fall in the Hot Pool!!!

    Those night cramps are so painful and, boy, do you get a reminder when you step out of bed in the morning!!

    Brooks Michael is just beautiful:)

  6. What a sweetie! Sure looks happy and healthy! As for the Yellowstone folks... a person just has to shake their head and wonder....

  7. I concur: One cannot fix 'stupid'. And there sure seems to be a proliferation of stupid...or perhaps I am just more aware.

    We did switch to a memory foam mattress about three years back. We really like it. And yes, it is warmer than the conventional mattresses. A good mattress cover solved the problem for us. Even in the three years since our purchase, the technology has greatly improved and the mattresses are layered to prevent the heat. Our son and daughter in law, who just purchased a high end foam mattress, one month back, rave about it. They are truly satisfied with the result.

  8. Memory foam mattresses are "hot " ...high end foam beds are great ! This Old House Mag and Consumer Reports did a study of mattresses , you ought to be able to find some info online ! Do you read "People's Pharmacy" articles ? Believe it or not they advocate putting a bar of soap in your bed to prevent leg cramps ! Many folks swear by the bar soap method of easing leg cramp pain at night !

  9. Wonderful to be getting a good soaking rain - love that smell. Beyond sad about the calf. Yes, I can see the Amazon link this time as well as the last post. And yes to a good memory foam mattress. Love ours!

  10. That "Other Country" I hear was CANADA! Very stupid people doing something like this.


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